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Sobre o Show do dia 08 de Março no Teatro Solar de Botafogo


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Tavynho Bonfa é membro do Clube Caiubi de Compositores
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Tavynho Bonfa presents for us in his presentations, all the result of the wonderful musical influence of his uncle, the famous composer and guitarist Luiz Bonfá. In fact, also the guitarist and composer Tavynho Bonfa are an important secret of the reserved school of guitar, bequeathed for his uncle, which all admired, but few guitarists had access. Luiz Bonfá was pre-Bossa Nova, participated in the famous musical movement; his music won the borders, trancended the Bossa Nova and installed in the entire world, so powerful was his musical language. In concert, Tavynho Bonfa revives songs of Luiz and other great national and international composers, beyond his proper instrumental and vocal compositions. His more popular music in Brazil is the summer song entitled “Clarear”, written by Tavynho Bonfa with lyrics by Mariozinho Rocha.

Tavynho Bonfa is not only a fine composer and arranger, is also a prodigious guitarist and notable in his vocal interpretations. Been born in Rio De Janeiro, Tavynho Bonfa started out to play guitar around seven years old and since early he disclosed his talent with the approval of his uncle, the legendary artist Luiz Bonfá. He was indicated in 1998 by the Guitar Player magazine as one of the three better guitarists of Brazil, he is also an interpreter with lot's of years of national and international presentations. Tavynho Bonfa started in Brazil his artistic trajectory in 1971, recording for the soundtrack of one the first novels of TV Globo network and little time later in 1973 he made one year tour in Spain, recording an album as a member of the musical group Brazil Aquarius. After that, in Brazil, he was one of the pillars from Burnier and Cartier… The duet has been finished in the return of the Australian Tour in 1977, with the Don Burrows Quinted, George Golla and the Sydney String Quartet. He changed some times his pseudonym and finally in 1998 he adopted the pseudonym of Tavynho Bonfa. His ability to write songs was responsible for the success of many famous artists as; Fafá de Belém (Moça do Mar) and Roupa Nova (Clarear).

In Australia he acted with Don Burrows in the Sydney Opera House, in New York, to the side of his uncle Luiz Bonfá at the Fat Tuesday's Club and in San Diego with the Azimuth group. Guitar is the most personal instrument. Tavynho Bonfa regularly presents a musical repertoire with instrumental and vocal songs. Emotions and interpretations are the main substances of any presentation of this fine and productive composer. Of this truily splendid guitarist. Of this virtuose, soul, warm, intimate and inspired artist.
This is the great magic of Tavynho Bonfa, to impact the audience with the magic of his hands and voice.

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